During these last couple of years, “virtual” is the new keyword, a concept that allows us to recreate all we do in real life in a virtual reality, making  many physical acts doable from a distance. According to Google trends, the searches for the word “remotely” have doubled. Even though the pandemic is almost coming to an end, people have been used to online businesses and virtual reality. Nowadays, anything can be done remotely, studying, groceries shopping, product customization, etc. In this article, we are going to answer all your questions regarding virtual reality, more specifically : customizable showrooms.

  • What’s a 3D Virtual Showroom
  • What benefits can you acquire ?
  • What’s a 3D configurator
  • What are its advantages ?
  • A combination of both : Customizable Showrooms
  • What are its advantages ?

What’s a 3D Virtual Showroom 

This term is no longer unknown to companies, everyday, professionals are talking more and more about virtual showrooms that are being adopted in all sectors. It’s so far the best available tool for businesses to expose their products and services. A 3D Virtual Showroom is a technology mainly based on virtual reality, 3D modelization and 360° videos that can be displayed on your laptop, smartphone and also can be visualized through your VR Headset.

What advantages can 3D Virtual Showrooms bring to the table ?

A virtual showroom is made for many fields of work : Car sales, tourism, fashion, médecine, industry, eventing and is also adapted for real estate

Companies who opt for virtual showrooms are companies that are more aware of the importance and the potential that virtual showrooms provide, along with others, here are a few advantages for adopting this technology :

  • Instant customization of your exposed products
  • Retaining clients
  • Better performance : virtual showrooms are known to be very attractive
  • Engaging your clients more
  • Cost minimization
  • Valorizing your brand and your products
  • Gain more notoriety
  • An excellent tool for communication
  • Encourages partnerships and collaborations
  • Increase your turnover
  • Create a barrier regarding your competitors
  • An efficient marketing tool.

What’s a 3D Configurator

A 3D configurator is an interactive tool that’s based on 3D modelization of real objects, allowing clients to customize any product according to their own needs and preferences. They also have the possibility to view products starting from different angles using 360° video formats, all of this is done in order for clients to receive the best product they can hope for! This way, the expectations and needs of your clients will always be satisfied.To answer your question about 3D configurators, we must first define what a 3D configurator is! A 3D configurator functions the same that 3d models, textures, environnements and user interface function, all of these are made for a specific purpose. Nowadays, many companies have adopted 3D configurators, and actually it is working very well, especially for companies who sell very customizable and a variety of products. This feature adds a lot to your e-commerce website thanks to its 360° angle view that allows you to exhibit your products in the best possible and realistic way.

The advantages of a 3D configurator

Many up to date studies have shown that the most performing companies, in all fields of work, are the ones betting on user experience and product customization, these two tools allow companies to :

  • Retain clients
  • Offer a unique experience to users
  • Respond effectively to the client’s needs
  • Attract more customers.
  • Improve your user experience
  • Enhance the engagement rate
  • Less cost, more benefits
  • Enhance client satisfaction rate
  • A lot less product return
  • Convert more
  • Pay less for stocking
  • A differentiating tool for sales
  • Learn more about yours customers
  • Enhance your brand notoriety

If you are looking for solutions in order to improve and boost your sales, 3D configurators are made for you. 

What’s a configurable showroom ? What advantages ?

Try to combine these last two elements, a 3D configurator and virtual showroom, the result of this fusion is called a configurable showroom, it’s a very impressive tool that helps your company achieve more. Clients will not only be able to access a virtual space with all products at their will, along with the decoration and avatars, clients will be able to customize these virtual products available in your virtual showroom according to their own preferences, whether it’s the color, size, model, and almost everything.

User experience is a key element for the success of the nowadays companies, all efforts are now focused around the client’s needs and motivations. For a company that wants to differentiate itself, user experience is their leverage. Configurable showrooms offer the best possible user experience for your clients considering all the challenges that the modern days companies are facing. 

It is very important to have the necessary tools in order to understand the expectations and needs of your clients in order to respond to their demands effectively. Configurable showrooms offer this customized tool that helps you analyse the behavior of your clients. Configurable showrooms offer the unique user experience that users are looking for, an interactive, engaging and a modern solution that allows users to get to know your brand and shop virtually instead of having to do the trip which can sometimes be very time consuming and might discourage clients from visiting a physical showroom. All the needed information concerning your products will be available at a click from your clients, for any other questions the virtual avatar will be there to help answer them, either through AI, or depending on an employee of your own that will accompany the users.

Finally, a combination of 3D configurators and 3D virtual showrooms can only result in the birth of a strong marketing tool for your company, in order for you to enhance your brand’s notoriety and to sell more. Though, in order to make better decisions, you need to be more informed about the trends of consumption and the changes that are occurring to your customers behavior, something that configurable showrooms allow you easily to do. An online presence in 2022 is no longer a simple website, it also requires marketing tools that are adapted to your company, these immersive technologies such as VR, virtual showrooms, 3D configurators and configurable showrooms are considered among the most performing technologies when it comes to your digital marketing strategy.

Our 3D agency is there for you, in order to create your customizable and personalized showroom, allowing your company to benefit from the different advantages of a configurable showroom

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