Nowadays, 3D agencies are increasing in numbers seeing that the 3D domain is more and more prevalent. 3D agencies accommodate various sectors: architecture, industry, fashion, tourism, medicine, communication, cinematography, etc. Allowing them a remarkable distinction. Therefore, one must make sure to choose the right 3D agency to put forward their product, event, or their showroom.

In this article, we will highlight the 3D provisions/agencies:
What is it? What services do 3D agencies provide, and finally what are the main criteria based on which one must choose the right 3D agency.


What is a 3D service provider

First, a 3D service provider is usually a 3D agency or studio that offers its services to companies and/or marketers who are looking for innovative ways to visualize their product or other. Many people tend to think that the 3D provider only offers 3D outputs that are mainly intended for architecture and/or interior design, this is not entirely true. Although architecture is one of the 3D sectors, it is not the only one, today 3D services are found in many sectors. We see it in medicine, in commercials, events, gaming, learning, training.

What are the services offered by 3D agencies

A variety of services are offered by 3D agencies and the latter are often challenged to outdo themselves and be constantly researching and developing new technologies as each client is different, and each request is treated on a case by case basis depending on the company and its needs.

Thus, service providers offer not only services, but also solutions that meet the company’s needs. For example, if a company has a wide range of products with different and unique characteristics, an unbeatable price and several competitive advantages, but is stagnating in terms of sales, some 3D services can perfectly solve this problem by presenting these products in 3D in a configurable virtual showroom where each user can see the product in a new form, 3D avatars, a virtual reception and a virtual event space for interaction for communication will surely create a buzz by immersing each user in your brand universe. A multitude of solutions are proposed by 3D agencies every day for different problems that are often complex. As for the services of the 3D provider, we can count :

  • Virtual/immersive events
  • Immersive learning-3D metaverse/NFT

Thus, it is very important not to confuse these different services and to have a well studied strategy, the assistance of a 3D expert is a MUST! A 3D agency will always offer you strategic support to best respond to your problem and guide you effectively.

What are the selection criteria of a 3D agency

The portfolio is not enough to choose a 3D agency with which you can collaborate. It is important to pay attention to other criteria that can be decisive for your selection choice.

  • Portfolio diversity

A rich and varied portfolio is a safe bet, it is a promise that your 3D provider has a skilled workforce that can meet different demands and requirements but most importantly with good quality renderings. Of course, this will also allow you to check that there are no problems with scaling, style combinations, lighting, texture/rendering quality and the overall look of the renderings for different requests.

  • Quality

Quality over quantity, for the case of a 3D provider this is not quite true! The more work, diversification and research there is the better it is. The 3D services must be flawless and of unfailing quality in order to respect the resolution of the visuals announced (HD/4K/5K) but above all to meet the client’s needs as best as possible.

  • Fair pricing and adherence to deadlines 

Since 3D service requests are a task assigned to the marketing department and are also in line with a well-thought-out and planned marketing campaign therefore, the respect of deadlines is important for the realization of any project in collaboration with a 3D agency, whether it is for virtual events/virtual seminars/immersive training or immersive content on your company’s social networks, a 3D service provider who respects your deadlines is essential. 

Fair pricing means a price/quality ratio that will be deemed satisfactory once the project is finished. Opting for a price that is too low will disappoint you if the quality of the visual does not meet your expectations.  It is therefore important to ask for a quote from 3D providers, exchange with them, examine their portfolio and discuss your collaboration, as many 3D agencies offer several long-term loyalty programmes and discounts to satisfy you.

  • Professionalism

From the very first contact with your 3D provider you will be reassured, responsiveness and professionalism are the key. A 3D agency who promises irreproachable quality will not leave you waiting, he will be responsive and punctual and will respect all the “chances?” from the moment you send your request or your call. This reactivity will be a reflection of his involvement in your project. A 3D agency will be attentive, listening to your needs but above all a good advisor to guide you in making the best choice for your company.

Now, you know all the criteria to which your 3D agency must respond.

Our 3D agency offers all these qualities, contact us today for 3D services and solutions that will surely take your business to the next level. 

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