1. Introduction 
  2. What is Virtual Showroom and how does it help you develop your business and brand image?
  3. Benefits of Interactive Virtual Reality Marketing 
  4. How to build a virtual showroom
  5. Type of virtual showroom 

The virtual reality showroom is an online shop that offers an interactive experience allowing customers to see and interact with products. It’s a great way to showcase your products and services by offering customers a hands-on experience. A virtual showroom is a virtual showcase that offers an interactive experience that allows customers to see and interact with products. 

A virtual showroom is also beneficial for businesses looking to save on overhead. It eliminates the need for physical space, which means you can reduce rent, expenses and other expenses while providing your customers with a personalized experience

This is an example of how virtual reality is already impacting retail space. VR showrooms offer immersive experiences, allowing retailers to expand their brand’s digital presence.

In this article, we will focus on the theme of virtual exhibition halls commonly known as 3D virtual showrooms

What is Virtual Showroom and how does it help you develop your business and brand image ?

The virtual showroom is a new trend in marketing that has grown rapidly in recent years. The reason is that they allow customers to see what they’re buying before they buy it. This means the store can sell products without having to have them physically present, saving businesses a lot of time and money. Customers can then go shopping without having to leave their home, which is much more convenient for them and often even advantageous for some.

It is clear that virtual showrooms today have a significant impact for companies that are opting for this new trend that is spreading more and more around the world and in various sectors of activity. Many tend to think that virtual showrooms are a real support for companies in terms of their strategy and this at all levels. Virtual showrooms give new impetus to companies in 2022, it’s a new way to promote their products but not, that virtual showrooms also allow to: 

  • Strengthens your brand image 
  • Increase brand awareness
  • Saving time 
  • Allows for better logistics 
  • The informative role for clients
  • Significant decrease in costs 
  • the opportunity to expand the range of potential buyers by allowing a most reliable visit
  • Simplifies and optimizes the B2B sales process.
  • maximize your potential traffic and generate leads
  • Provides a more engaged community 

It is undeniable that the success of this new trend exists today and this is the case for many brands in view of the figures and the companies that are increasingly migrating towards this growing trend.

Benefits of Interactive Virtual Reality Marketing 

Interactive virtual reality marketing allows businesses to encourage engagement with the target audience. This may seem quite logical because a customer who stays longer on your website or on your virtual platform in this case your 3D virtual showroom will have more chance to better understand your products and thus buy your items since this Last will take its time to decide after its immersion in your brand universe but also thanks to the assistance that can find during its virtual visit in your virtual reality showrooms by asking all the questions around the product, Customize your product with the 3D configurator, as well as a detailed and complete description with the available datasheets.

It can therefore be said that the virtual showrooms meet all these requirements and allow both companies and customers to be satisfied. In this way, the latter increases the conversion rate, Reduces costs in contrast to traditional marketing and best ensures customer satisfaction. In this way 3D virtual showrooms help businesses gain competitive advantage by increasing conversion rates and improving the customer experience.

How to build a virtual showroom

 A virtual showroom allows to present products in an interactive and animated way in 3D. There are many ways to create a virtual showroom. 3D virtual showrooms are created using a complex 3D modeling software which allows you to create custom 3D products, giving creators the possibility to modify the displayed articles. On the other hand, if you have a real showroom model, a 360° photograph is quite possible to set up your virtual showroom.

 The technologies used at Illusion 3D include A-Frame, THREE.js, Networked Aframe, 3ds Max and Blender. These allow you to offer online solutions without installing software, which will allow you to use and navigate both simple and intuitive .

The interface of your virtual showroom, the enhancement of your product, the ease of navigation, the virtual reception, and many other features can be offered to you by an expert 3D agency and experienced in the creation of 3D virtual showroom, In addition the creation of the virtual exhibition room our 3D agency accompanies you throughout this process.

Type of virtual showroom 

 There are many types of virtual showrooms, but this article will focus on two types: web and mobile. 

Web-based virtual showrooms are websites that allow you to showcase your products online without having to create an app or develop a website from scratch. Mobile virtual showrooms are applications that allow you to create custom branded environments for your customers using augmented reality technology. This allows them to interact with your product from their mobile device via their camera lens in real time. Thus it must be said that virtual reality showrooms can have two purposes:

– A virtual exhibition room focused on visualization, that is to say offering an immersive experience in an ephemeral temporal axis with an anticipated scenario 

– A showroom focused on interaction, that is the possibility to live a real consumer experience in a virtual brand universe with all aspects of the product 

Finally, virtual showrooms are ideal for online retailers as they allow them to have a web presence without having to spend money on physical retail properties. It should be noted that 3D virtual showrooms are not just other types of websites that you can use to market your products and services, this is a place where you can actually show people what it would be like if they were there, Look closely at the products, pick them up, smell them and even try them.

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