We are a specialized 3D agency, experts at making 3D content and virtual content. Thanks to our know-how, we are able to transform your “client experience” into a “customized experience” and also, an immersive one, using the different virtual and augmented reality based solutions we are providing such as our 3D virtual showrooms.

Our team

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Sales service

Why us ?


A premium visual quality

We pay a particular attention to our work and most of all to the quality of our visuals and their lightning. We are able to work on any type of luminosity, natural or studio (3 Points and 4 Points) thanks to our expertise in 3D visuals and their very realistic and high quality services.

15 Years of Experience

Illusion 3D has been launched since 2005, throughout all these passing years, we never cease surpassing ourselves as we are always looking for efficient and permanent solutions in order to improve our skills, everyday. Today, we are proud of being able to satisfy at best the needs of our clients as we bring our expertise to the table.

Virtual Showroom

If you are looking for a virtual showcase in order to allow your visitors or clients inside the universe of your brand, to exhibit your products in a virtual commercial space, you are in the right place. We are specialized in the creation of 3D virtual showrooms that integrate ultra realistic and high quality visuals. Don’t hesitate to visit our free virtual showrooms and to read our articles regarding the same subject for more information.

Virtual Visit

Starting from a 3D space, a 360 degrees video and also virtual reality, we are capable of creating a virtual visit for an immersive and an interactive experience that can be used in many sectors (Real estate, industry, tourism…). As long as you are doing work with Illusion 3D, the spatiotemporal barrier won’t be a problem for any of your projects anymore.

Augmented Reality

We are providing our most advanced and modern technological services (3D,VR,360° video…etc.) Don’t hesitate to experiment with augmented reality, which doesn’t even require a VR headset, in order to preview your projects while paying attention to the smallest details.

Content creation in the open world of metaverse

Our 3D agency invests in research in order to acquire expertise, we are always trying to be up to date with the trends to reinforce our presence, everywhere. We create 3D rooms in the open metaverse.


  Advice and assistance

For whatever space design you are looking for, accessories, suggestions for different styles and for whatever look you are going for (Minimalistic, Industrial, Pop)

We can assist you by providing a variety of customized suggestions

      3D modeling detailed

Quality is our priority, ILLUSION 3D can create or transform into a very high quality work, all of your designs and pictures, we will work on the smallest details to fulfill all your visual needs.

    Integration of animation

We are able to provide you with workshops regarding virtual reality based on scenarios and models. For example, simultaneously using real characters, vehicles, trains, plains, ships).

 Configurations and applications

We have the necessary expertise when it comes to configuration. Whether it’s for a smart screen adequate configurations, a smartphone or even a tablet. Thanks to our know-how, we can help you communicate key advantages of your products in all formats.

Our address

Illusion 3d, 11th harmony avenue, 59650 Villeneuve-d’Ascq