Virtual reality, VR

How these immersive technologies (Virtual reality and Augmented reality) gave medicine an impulse

The medical sector is not only one of the first early adopters of immersive technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, but it’s also one of  the most promising sectors. These last two have been a source of great advantages for the professionals in the medical field. Virtual reality […]

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5 avantages of virtual reception !

No need to fix appointments, travel or move around. No more misunderstanding or waste of time. Today we present you 5 advantages of virtual reception that might save you lot of effort and ressources ! 1- No additional costs Hiring a receptionist not only cost you the salary but also […]

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Advantages of virtual showroom !

We created this virtual showroom for our client Sanotek. You can take a tour by clicking on this link ! An avatar for a better guidance ! This Avatar will help ensuring a good user experience by answer their questions, guiding them through their virtual visit. Custom designed decoration ! […]

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