Virtual reality, VR

      The complete guide to the virtual showroom 

Introduction  What is Virtual Showroom and how does it help you develop your business and brand image? Benefits of Interactive Virtual Reality Marketing  How to build a virtual showroom Type of virtual showroom  The virtual reality showroom is an online shop that offers an interactive experience allowing customers to see […]

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How to choose your 3D service provider

Nowadays, 3D agencies are increasing in numbers seeing that the 3D domain is more and more prevalent. 3D agencies accommodate various sectors: architecture, industry, fashion, tourism, medicine, communication, cinematography, etc. Allowing them a remarkable distinction. Therefore, one must make sure to choose the right 3D agency to put forward their […]

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How these immersive technologies (Virtual reality and Augmented reality) gave medicine an impulse

The medical sector is not only one of the first early adopters of immersive technologies such as virtual reality and augmented reality, but it’s also one of  the most promising sectors. These last two have been a source of great advantages for the professionals in the medical field. Virtual reality […]

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