Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR)  are considered as the most recent technologies that reshaped the world. These technologies have been proving their effectiveness, utility and efficiency. The augmented reality allows you to preview virtual elements in the real word and provide you with a unique and dynamic experience.

We gladly share with you some AR applications that have been successful in 2020.

1 – Myty

If you want to revamp your house using a great personalized design, gain space, time, energy and have the possibility to see the result in a very quick and realistic way you should opt for the augmented reality !

Myty mobile app ( compliant with Android and iOS) allows you to try the selected furniture that you personally chose and test them on your own space. you have a wide selection of inspiring and original elements that you might use and test through these kinds of applications. According to your  walls and floor, you can change windows, furniture, doors… etc


If you are the kind of person who loves decoration or seeks to change the design of the place according to one’s preferences. Ikea has designed a very useful mobile application for their clients who like Ikea’s products and want to see the final look before placing the order.

With augmented reality, you can choose any Ikea product that you like and test it in your own place using the free mobile application compliant with iOS and Android.

3- Civilisations AR

If you are a big fan of civilization and history you will definitely adore this augmented reality application that provides you with documentaries for all tastes and for all times.

AR civilizations ( compliant with iOS and Android) allows you to boost your knowledge base through discovering 30 different pieces whenever you are.

Educate yourself with AR and learn more about various subjects presented with AR documentaries.

4- Quiver

What would be better than pleasing and gratifying your children by offering them a useful and trendy AR mobile application. Quiver is an augmented reality application ( available for iOS and Android) allowing the user to have fun by colouring and using special filters for images. Right after finishing your masterpiece, you can download for free from the Quiver’s website.

Quiver can be used by children and adults, you can simultaneously have fun with your friends or with your children.

5- WallaMe

WallaMe is a free augmented reality mobile application based on AR (compliant with Android and iOS) allowing the user to paint or write down messages on the walls or any kind of surface. Once you finish you can directly share what you have done with your friends or with everyone else using the same app.

This technology offers you the possibility of raising awareness  by posting invisible messages or graphs that might be seen with concerned people. You can share your artistic showpiece with the whole word.

6- Star walk 2

If you are a big fan of stars, astronomy, watching the sky and guessing the stars location, this augmented reality tool ( available for Android and iOS) will help you see all of the stars, planets and constellations. All you have to do is to place your camera towards the sky and you will see all of the figures in AR. Personally, I use this app so often, especially when I go camping, it’s very funny and offers many more options such as informing you about the sunrise time.

7- Just a line

Just a line is an entertaining augmented reality tool developed by Google Creative Lab (compliant with Android and iOS) offering its users the possibility of drawing virtually. In other words, you can draw by hand any shape on the selected picture or surface and share it in short videos (can be a helpful app for social media content creators ). You can draw in teams, with your friends, partner or family.

8- Inkhunter

Inkhunter, based on augmented reality dedicated for people who decided to get a tattoo or are still thinking about it because they aren’t sure about the figure or the place of the tatoo. This app (compatible with Android and iOS) allows them to test various tattoo models on their own body, test multiple body parts and see what it will look like, this helps people to make up their mind and make the final decision. 

The particularity of this app is their wide selection, you can choose a pre designed tattoo from the gallery or you can simply upload your own and see it on your own body.

9- Measure

Have you ever measured a spot, a place or an object somewhere and forgot about the indications, calculation or even the exact location of the place or the object ?

Thanks to augmented reality, Measure has seen the day, this application dedicated for Android users only, allows you to measure the height, width and length of objects or surfaces. All you need to do is to take a real picture with the measures and save it in the clipboard.

10- Zugara

Zugara is a virtual clothing application. Using augmented reality and movement sensors, online clothing shops who make available all of their products online, can offer to their clients the possibility of virtually trying their clothes as if they are in store. The client should download the app, select the article, print the code and the selected dress will automatically adapt to the user’s morphology .

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