No need to fix appointments, travel or move around. No more misunderstanding or waste of time. Today we present you 5 advantages of virtual reception that might save you lot of effort and ressources !

1- No additional costs

Hiring a receptionist not only cost you the salary but also equipment, furniture, space, light and office supplies. We are talking about thousands of dollars here !

Besides, in times of Corona, you can hire whoever you want remotely without setting up a workspace or paying any bill !

Save your money !

2- Efficient management !

No more setting appointments, wasting time on transportation. The virtual visit allows you to meet whoever you want wherever you are, be confortable in whatever dress you want and laying wherever you feel at ease.

Use your ressources wisely !

3- No more automated messages

Keep your customers satisfied and loyal to you by proving that you are there for them, listen to them and give them attention. Customers will appreciate being in contact with a real person to better explain their opinions and thoughts. Besides, this can double or triple the number of counseling visitors using the virtual reality and keeping a higher level of customers’ satisfaction.

Listen carefully to your customers !

4- Forget the stress

When a receptionist goes on vacation, sick or quit anyone can still answer the calls and take over the calls without stressing the rest of team because they can fix the appropriate timing according to their availability

No more stress !

5- Transparency

With the virtual reception, you have nothing to hide. No bad surprises, bad luck or issues related to the visiting place. You can communicate at ease and with transparency.

Be transparent !

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