Nowadays , 360 ° videos have become an immersive and revolutionary pillar. Yet, many people make a mistake and consider that making a 360 ° film is very easy. They don’t recognize that it actually requires rules to be followed in order to design a successful 360 ° video. Knowing that with a 360 ° film you can change everything starting from the shooting, the editing, the perceived image to the emotions brought by the video to the spectators.

So,  are you thinking of making 360 ​​° videos to share precious moments of yours or to promote a product? Today we share with you some tips for you to seize the opportunity of making a successful  360 ° video and tell you what you need to know before you start your 360° video production.

1- Chose the right format of your film

The 360 ​​° format has turned down the rules of traditional cinema and imposed new rules for movies’ making . Before opting for the 360 ​​° format, you must be aware of your choice and the products you are promoting with the 360 ​​° format. Keep in mind that it must be profitable and that the 360 ​​° format has an enormous potential requiring a significant investment. So, if you find out that this format won’t provide an added value to your product or it doesn’t provide an ultimate experience for your viewers then you better keep it with a classic format.

2- Chose the right panoramic camera

After choosing  your 360 ° format,  you must choose the camera with which you will shoot the format in question. The choice of your camera must be made according to your needs and your budget. If you are looking to film some adventures, daily moments or personal needs then a cheap camera will do the thing for you. However, if you are looking to make films with a nice image resolution  and sound quality then you should go for a  semi professional camera. On the other hand, if you are looking for a very good image resolution quality for your movies whether it’s a long or short one, then choose a 360 °professional camera which gives you very high resolution and decent sound.

3- Prepare the scenario for your video

Before going for the choice of 360 ° video you must adapt this format to your film, meaning that if the film you are going to make focuses on a single frame only and if there is not enough space of the viewer’s field to enjoy it, you better have to change the format of your movie to a cheaper and more profitable one instead of the 360 ​​° format. Don’t forget that a person who watches a 360 ° film is a person who above all seeks for the ultimate experience and wants to feel his emotions.

4- How do you want to broadcast your film

After choosing the right format for your film, camera and the scenario. Then you move on to think about the method and the place of the broadcasting of your video. For instance, if you are looking to broadcast your movie in a public space, in a trade show or during open days for a particular event or even for the launch of new products, then you must have a powerful VR headset, you can take a look on our article about  Top 5 best virtual reality headsets for a unique VR experience . Also, if you are looking for a webcast do not worry because 360 ​​° video has the advantage of being easily exportable, you can export it on your website or on different platforms which are dedicated to virtual reality such as Youtube, VRSE Veer .

5- Be sure about making a 360 ° animated film

Let’s say you chose the 360° video format to create your content with. Remember that 3D animation doesn’t require any shootings at all because filming and editing will take place in the studio. Plus, thanks to computers, you won’t need to hire human resources including cameramen… etc  offering you the freedom of moving and switching whatever and wherever you want. Isn’t it amazing neither having a cameraman who takes care of image stability nor limited budget of moving here and there. 

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