Christmas has never been associated with solitude or bad weather, it has always been a time for love, for sharing, for family gatherings, for happiness and generosity. During Christmas, good vibes and kindness is spread all over the world, even among the most sinister of cities.

As far as history recalls, Christmas has never been one to divide people, neither in regard to their age or sex neither in regard to their religion, that’s why everybody loves this time of the year. Despite everything, Christmas’ spirit has proven to be stronger than the distance caused by the pandemic. Since the beginning of these Covid 19 waves caused by the virus, we have all been obliged to be separated from our loved ones during this evening that we have been waiting for. The good news is that the pandemic can only separate us physically, because like they say, “you can be far from the eyes, but you will always be close to the heart”.

This year, Illusion 3D has been thinking about all of our dear clients, friends, family members and close people, we will all be gathered no matter the distance, no matter the restrictions, for the best, and especially, we will do it our way, the exceptional way, in the Chritsmas room from Illusion 3D you will be participating to the event of the year, Christmas’ museum is at home this year.

What is demo room

Illusion 3D has been thinking about its historical clients during these hard times. The idea is to reunite you with your families and friends in the same place to enjoy Christmas together, to enjoy moments of love and laughter, far away from the pandemic. For this year, even though Covid 19 is still around the corner, you can be gathered with your closest people. You only have to access Illusion 3D’s website, copy the demo room’s link; share it with all your contacts.

That way, you will be able to sit on Christmas’ dinner table, in a virtually decorated outdoor space, along with everyone, having a fir tree, gifts around you, even Santa will be there (we can’t have Christmas without him), covered in snow while listening to music that will warm our hearts, something which we have been longing for a very long time now.

Wish the best for your loved ones after dressing your avatar with the most beautiful Christmas clothes, don’t forget to bring good vibes, joy and laughter, It’s essential to enter the event of the year.

A virtual Christmas, Why not

At Christmas, many of us have their own routines; some may have classic routines while others prefer having their own unique routines. With restrictions applied on events for this year too, we had to find a way to cope with the current situation until Covid 19 is over.

 All means are good when it comes to celebrating Christmas; the only condition is keeping us all safe, along with our loved ones. If you can’t afford paying a visit to your family and friends, that’s no longer a problem, this time, you will have the same impression as being among them, in a unique space that will remind you constantly that it’s Christmas, and that you should celebrate. 

With an adequate decoration, in harmony with the special occasion, we have thought about all the details that will make you feel at home, enjoying Christmas. Using customized avatars for all participants, you will be able to meet in the same place to prepare dinner, homemade warm wine and everything, wearing your special clothes for this Christmas, comfortably at home, sitting next to the fir tree enjoying a unique experience that can and will be very enjoyable. You can talk, send gifts and receive them, wish a happy year for your loved ones without taking any risk, you will feel in a universe made for celebrating with Santa and everything that comes with him, as if you were in a charming fairy tale, like those you read while you were a kid. After all, it’s Christmas’ spirit that is offered to you, so don’t you dare miss it.

In the end, nothing can replace the precious presence of our loved ones, Christmas hasn’t been like the usual evening we are used to, but that can only be an opportunity for us, since now, we know that nothing is more important than this reunion that we may have neglected one or a few times. We might mistakenly think that such evenings and gatherings can easily be replaced, which is truly not the case, even the richest one of us can’t buy a happy home, a warm one in the middle of winter.

Meet up with your loved ones, even for an Illusion 3D reunion, wish them the very best while waiting for this pandemic to end. This year, we are celebrating Christmas together, in a unique and original universe in order for you to have fun during the best time of the year, even in the middle of a pandemic.

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