Everyone is speaking more and more about the metaverse, virtual reality and augmented reality.

Beyond the amusing part and entertainment that many platforms and social media projects are working on developing to offer users an exceptional experience in order to reinforce their trust towards brands through metaverse, this new shaped reality gives business a new form for selling, buying and collaborating.

It is obvious that we will have to deal with a new form of marketing, new strategies for sells that are adapted to this parallel universe. Reading this article will give you answers about the future shapes of marketing and advertising in this new reality.

    Are there any new business strategies for metaverse :

The answer to this question is obvious, there is no doubt that companies who are willing to participate in metaverse are obliged to adapt all of their strategies while considering this new reality, their commitment towards their consumers and the wholeness of their strategies must be willing and adapting.

In the metaverse, we no longer speak about B2B or B2C, rather than D2A, which means, “Direct to Avatar”. It’s true that companies will no longer be in physical contact with consumers but it doesn’t mean that there won’t be any direct contact, be careful of the difference. While companies are approaching avatars that are hiding real people behind them, with real needs to satisfy and data to obtain (this won’t be very complex by the way).

All the efforts being done are so efficient and pointing to this very specific target regarding that we have all the necessary information and an infallible traceability regarding consumers, the error risk will be very low and studies will be very efficient.

All the preliminary studies will be judicious and numeric, companies will be able to collect an important amount of information about their client in less time, less effort and in a more cost effective way compared to the traditional studies. This may sound abstract, like a fantasy maybe, and illogical for some people, while marketing managers are having a crush on this universe and think of it as a real progress and as a source of endless opportunities.

There are for sure a lot of challenges like any other opportunity, but people are betting on creativity as a key factor to its success. It’s a new era for marketing too, it allows brands to present their goods and services in a virtual world where people can buy them and consume them in the real world, all of it inside a huge virtual reality unique experience, creating dependence on brands. We will have more solid communities, active ones, interactive, all of it centered on brands. Consequently, it will be a lot easier to attract clients, even the toughest ones and mostly convert them into loyal consumers.

What are these new strategies

It is obvious that brands must redefine their communication strategies in the metaverse, knowing that they will be addressing virtual consumers through their avatars. That’s how we got the term D2A (Direct to Avatars). The main priority for brands will be finding a way to merge, or at best, to make the real and virtual world, complementary. Regarding communication strategies in the metaverse, they use the old classic methods as starting points but with a lot of authenticity and imagination. It’s all about innovation in metaverse, among adopted communication strategies in metaverse; events will take a new form and shape in virtual reality as metaverse allows them to take a huge lap without any restrictions nor limits.

This event strategy is widely appreciated among internet users nowadays, every virtual event is shared massively, and the number of participants is huge. Brands also have a strong presence as they are working on engraving their names in the minds of consumers with marking events, authentic and special. 

In contrast to a real life event, a virtual event is more durable, it never really ends, it can be saved and shared for years. In addition to events, partnerships and product placement have a place now in virtual reality thanks to exhibitions, 3D virtual showrooms, 3D animations and virtual reality and more thanks to the tools of augmented reality, even communication techniques are endless, there are as many ideas as you can imagine in metaverse if you are willing to place your product and/or if you want to have a partnership

We must say that even urban display or urban screens are possible in the metaverse, endlessly, you can imagine yourself walking around in a virtual world and feeling like visiting a close friend in another country, on the road, you will be exposed to a urban displays from different brands, allowing you to shop or at least get to know some other new brands while having you’re traveling from your home. Crypto money, virtual crypto money will allow you to exchange goods and services by revolutionizing business in the metaverse, it’s a new whole society, a virtual one with its own economic model.

What future for nowadays companies in the metaverse

With no doubt, metaverse offers a potential for many opportunities for those who can and are willing to adapt to this evolution. In our days, there are quite a few companies who have already started following this metaverse ‘ideology’, virtual events, virtual exhibitions, partnerships…etc.

These companies are more distinguishable and closer to their communities reinforcing their human capital in terms of loyal customers but also in terms of benefits. It’s evident that with this new strategy, competition will be at its peak with everyone willing to win this race, the focus will be on innovative companies, up to date ones who are following the trends. Business and communication campaigns aren’t specific to big companies alone that can afford it, even local businesses, startups or any other structures can find their space in this parallel world, they only have to know their customers, products, means of communication but more importantly, being very creative and authentic to be distinguishable.

The future of marketing in the metaverse is very full of opportunities; everyone has high hopes regarding its success.

The user experience is improving thanks to metaverse customization for every user, consumers feel privileged and at the center of the brands’ strategies.

In metaverse, anything is possible, choices are endless, you can sell everything, visualize everything, from new trending products or services to dead trends that can have a second life thanks to metaverse, it’s all about imagination and creativity, along with a strategy. Metaverse gives brands a free space to express their creativity, through this new means of communication. The future of brands is now in your hands.

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