If you are a virtual reality fan, you have a VR headset and you want to discover the best VR mobile applications, We present you our top list of free VR apps !

1- Within

Within is a VR mobile app (available on Google play and iTunes) presenting a wide and diversified content for VR lovers or any person who is interested in virtual reality. It provides you with documentaries, virtual explorations, news, educational games, short movies, unique experiences, horror scenes.. etc

2- Youtube VR

Thanks to virtual reality, you can watch your favourite youtube channels , videos or follow your best content creators in VR mode.

In order to provide you with a better experience and enjoy the “cinema effect”, Youtube VR is a VR mobile application transforming all of the plateforme videos into virtual, responsive 3D and 360° videos.

3- Roller Coaster

When we think about roller coasters, we automatically think of excitement, adrenaline and pleasure. Henceforth, thanks to virtual reality, this app is accessible from both smartphone types ( Android and iOS). Roller Coaster gives you the opportunity to live short thrill and exciting moments whenever and wherever you are.

4- Google Street View

Google thought about people who want to do the world tour trip but doesn’t have the resources in question. With the virtual reality, Google Street View ( available for Android and iOS) has succeeded to answer your needs, you can hang out wherever you want, visit other countries, stroll in other cities, discover famous monuments, museums… etc

5- Random 42

This technology offers a virtual trip inside the human body throughout a 3D medical animation, it takes you inside the organs, cells, blood and many other body components. All you need to do is to download this free app, available for Android and iOS, wear your VR headset and enjoy the human body trip ! 

6- GoPro VR

GoPro VR (compliant with Android and iOS) allows you to watch videos in 360° and 3D images. This virtual application is well known by its “fish eye” effect which has many functionalities such as leaping into a void, surfing, snowboarding, skydiving, underwater diving with sharks, video games in sahara… etc 

7- Virtual Speech VR

This app ( suitable for Android and iOS) is mainly dedicated for students, undergraduates or professionals who want to work on their soft skills side. Today, with a virtual reality app, candidats can be put in a public speaking situation facing too many or little people and see the results of their improvement.

8- Jaunt VR

This virtual, free, entertaining platform is available on Google play and iTunes. It provides a diversified content related to entertainment, knowledge and culture. You can try trips, video games, go to concerts, watch videos, movies, series, documentaries and try extreme sports activities.

9- InMind VR

What if you can navigate through one’s mind? Inmind VR is a virtual application allowing you to dive into a teenager’s mind, understand its functioning, control an adolescent’s emotions by trying different scientific activities and searching the neurons causing mental troubles. This app is a paid one and available on Google Play and App store.

10- Sites in VR

Explore historical and touristic destinations worldwide. Go for virtual adventures and discover towers, mosques’ architecture, Egyptian pyramids, old graves, palaces, lodges, hotels, castles, old houses, big parks, nature, ancient cities or even step Mars.

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