3D modeling is used in so many domains, video games, home decoration, furniture, animation, industry, architecture, engineering, mechanic, etc. Having 3D printed objects today is seen as cool and trendy, maybe even essential in some domains. This article will provide answers to all your questions about 3D modeling, its utility, and finally a list of the 5 best 3D modeling softwares.

What is 3D Modeling

3D modeling is by definition a visualization software, it allows you to establish and to create 3D scenes. These scenes can be made either starting from complex forms and shapes, either from three-dimensional objects using 3D primitives or using analytical definition.

Why do we need 3D modeling

The main goal of 3D modeling is to put you in a situation to visualize scenes before their construction, using softwares allowing us to realize and create different objects with different scales such as complex objects, simple ones, landscapes, people, constructions…etc.

Also, it’s possible to create three-dimensional objects using a simple computer in order to illustrate the work of people and to discuss different changes if there are any.

To resume, 3D modeling aims to create a realistic model, helping you develop your projects no matter the field you work in.

Best 5 Tools for 3D modeling

Autodesk is by far the 3D modeling new generation’s software, we also use the term CAD (Computer aided design), mainly allowing us to create models of 3D objects. Autodesk is a modern software but can easily be manipulated through a unique interface without having to use a database or complex graphic functions. This tool is a must have for modeling the type nurbs/CAO, and especially for modeling mechanical types. It is known for generating 3D models made for 3D printing.

Blender is a free 3D modeling software, though, it’s a very professional software for 3D modeling fans. What makes blender special is that you can edit from using script functions but also different advanced functions such as UV unfolding, texturing and 3D animation thanks to blend, rigging and shapes. It’s an adequate modeling software for virtual reality.

FreeCad is mainly made for mechanical engineering and for product design, its functions especially help with architecture and engineering tasks, it’s a professional tool that normal people can use as well.

Sketchup is known mainly for the ease of its use, the software is accessible in two versions : « sketchup free » and « sketchup make », both allowing design modeling for industrial objects, architecture, decoration and woodwork. It is the easiest and intuitive software compared to its rivals.

3D slash is a newly developed software, and is a good tool to illustrate your ideas through 3D models. Inspired by minecraft, it adapts the same principle which is creating environments through cubes. It’s an excellent tool to initiate less experienced people to modeling since it’s easy to use. Perfect for beginners.

In conclusion, 3D modeling is essential for many domains, it allows professionals and also amateurs to create realistic objects, it’s a first step to achieving successful projects. Nowadays, we have a lot of softwares and tools that can be used for modeling. We have free and paying softwares that can satisfy all your different needs.

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