In a world where the internet is the essence of any successful marketing strategy, there is no longer a place for traditional, classic communication, since companies, like clients, are always looking for innovation, progress and authenticity, so, where is event marketing in all of this? It’s a crucial step for any enterprise that wishes to get bigger, obtain more clients and do some networking. Event marketing is necessary for all companies, small or big. Organizing events may seem trivial for some people; a bunch of people gathered in a closed or open space, a budget, a theme maybe, but is that really sufficient to mark the cognitive part in your customer’s minds ? As you guessed it, it’s not enough, which is why this article is mainly about the impact that virtual reality can have on event marketing.

What is virtual reality and which domains can integrate it

First of all, we have to explain the concept of virtual reality. This technology allows you to create a certain reality, which is basically virtual, you cannot touch or manipulate it, what is amazing about it is that it does not really depend on the real world, not at all. It is easily accessible, you only need the screen of your smartphone, laptop or a VR Headset if you want, to dive inside this virtual universe (for more details don’t hesitate to read our article about virtual reality). It is important to say that virtual reality can be used for more than one thing, while most people think that its main use is for entertainment, VR can be a lot more, virtual reality is more and more democratized, it can be exploited in may domains, such as therapy, trainings, medical use, meetings, exhibitions, etc. Nowadays, virtual reality is being used in companies for many purposes, companies operating in fields such as vehicles and transportations, gaming, tourism, industry, etc. The question now is, how can event marketing be influenced by such an evolution? What role can virtual reality play in digital transformation?

How does virtual reality contribute to the world of events

Virtual reality can only be useful for any type of events, whether using it to overcome the sanitary crisis, or far more. It is noticeable that many companies are headed toward VR in order to organize events, and it’s not only because it’s fun, virtual reality can be very sensational !

Immerse your clients in a fully virtual world

While organizing an event, meetings never seem to end, the main goal is to find the perfect solution to organize a successful event. Nowadays, virtual reality is considered to be a key for success when it comes to events, a simulation of the real world, thanks to the emotions and interactions that can be generated in VR. Not only a way to invite your clients to take a look at your products, it also allows them to manipulate and try on the virtual objects, virtually simulated, while captivating their attention. A visit to a virtual world is something to remember, something that is engaging and quite useful. Participants will never forget visiting you, that’s a guarantee, since visiting a virtual reality exhibition for example, will allow clients to live the full experience of being inside your company. Don’t hesitate to invite virtual reality to your events, our 3D agency will accompany you along your journey, whether to answer technical questions or to provide any type of information. It is crucial that you address your targets and clients the adequate way, using the right tools, our creativity and expertise will make the difference.

What type of events for Virtual Reality

Virtual reality must be the star of your event, since it is a simulation of your real life event, it will heavily influence the final decision of your clients when it comes to buying, since human beings are emotional beings, and virtual reality allows you to touch the right spot.

Good packaging and a catchy slogan are now considered to be old and obsolete; the alternative here is virtual reality, since it allows you to communicate in a modern and a futuristic way.

The race towards this trend is evolving; companies want to differentiate themselves and to be up to date when it comes to technology and event marketing. Virtual reality can be implemented in many types of events, such as seminars, receptions, exhibitions, team buildings, reinforcing a brand’s notoriety, and almost any type of events.

Using such a technology, the opportunities are limitless, it’s up to you to add your touch of creativity and innovation to amaze your clients. Don’t hesitate to visit our website, in order to get more information from us, allowing you to offer your clients an immersive user experience, engaging them more and more inside a universe of your own.

Last and least, virtual reality is playing a huge part in event marketing. This technology is considered to be a  multi-use tool that allows users to be entertained at the same time of doing business. It’s a new trend that is buzzing, offering a very memorable experience. Virtual reality is considered to be one of the most innovative ideas when it comes to B2B and event marketing.

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