What’s the virtual reality VR ?

Virtual reality is a developed and advanced technology enabling the user to experiment a virtual world that is created by humans or robots. This virtual world might be a result of an inspiration or a reproduction of an existing place or even an imaginary place. During this virtual experience, you not only experiment a visual experience but also an oral and/or haptic one which is explained by effects interchange.

Why to use the virtual reality ?

The virtual reality were made for the aim of improving user’s experience who usually use videos such as in video games… However, today we talk about VR in almost every field and it’s not related to only video games anymore. The virtual reality has recently developed a lot to the point that we started to use it in our daily business especially when it comes to experential marketing, for a product promotion through virtual showrooms or even in virtual meeting rooms… etc

How to use virtual reality to improve your business ?

1- Virtual reality for professionals ” meeting room”

The virtual meeting rooms are equiped with a very handy options such as pictures and files projection. You can project your graphs and figures on the wall, floor, table or screen. Thanks to this recent technology, colleagues from all over the world might meet with each other virtually at any time from any where in a virtual space where they can communicate and exchange information.

2- Virtual reality in land and buildings

Virtual reality has become a very famous tool in lots of domains. Now, we talk about virtual visits in virtual property by providing clients the possibility to project and match their requirements as mentioned. In reality, the visits with headsets are high-end products provided for office visits, residences or 3D building made with a 360° angles to be able to see the slightest details. On another hand, visits with headsets are generally made for a product, green space or technology presentation.

The good news is that we have the opportunity to integrate this innovative technology on websites and mobile applications in order to make the tool available for every user whether for a trial or for information.

3- Virtual reality in Industry

The industry has been noticing an upgrade with the virtual reality similarly to the rest of domains. It is noticeable how the VR has been helping a lot in production lines, manufactures and especially with interactive scale models of potential construction projects of factories, or a line of factories and to preview the whole structure of the building even before launching the construction phase.

The VR has proven its capacity and efficiency regarding the ressources management (time, space, energy, cost, security, transparency…). Today, we talk about virtual scenarios where we can preview a client’s visit, try to find deficiencies or to find ways to ameliorate it in order to avoid any sort of health or environmental scandal or any other deception from a client’s point of view. All you have to do is to wear your VR headset such as Samsung Gear VR or oculus GO.

4- Virtual reality and training

In order to pursue various training sessions like security and maintenance, you don’t need to spend a lot of money on putting everything in the right place and double your expenses. With the virtual reality, you can integrate the whole training virtually and transmit the information very well with study cases made by you. For instance, you can include videos where you explain how a fire might start with a quick and simple act… make them learn to manipulate a new software or industrial engine with real simulations to help them better understand how things work.

For a better interactive experience, there’s headsets called “sendentary” equipped with a control lever to give you the possibility to explore and make an unlimited number of essais. Also, there is another headsets like HTC vive or Oculus Rift that might answer your needs.

5- Virtual reality and events

Other than industry, training and property’s domains, we can find the VR in the events sector as well. On one hand, it helps for products or service promotion during innovative and virtual events. On the other hand, we can find an exhaustive list of virtual events organized by several parties during these last years such as football match in 360° videos, virtual showrooms, virtual concerts, virtual show, open doors event, cinema, team games, integration day…

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